Bug Zap! (FREE) App Reviews

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I downloaded this app and right before I could do anything, I got this message saying that it's not up to date so it won't work that well because I have the IOS 10.3.2!

Not working ordinarily. Be clever!

I don't have speakers but I imagine if I did I could Bluetooth it and turn up the Volume HIGH and it might do something. Hoping someone will try this and write a review.

100% Real

Me and my friend were walking, getting annoyed by bugs, and i turned the app on, the bugs flew right away.

This App Bites

And so will the skeeters if you use it! Not one minute after I installed it and turned it on a skeeter bit my behind!


Crappy app, do not get

It works!!!

I had some big bug freaking me out and then a heard a zap and the big must of exploded

Bug zapper

It works I tried it turned it on and the bug exploded it must have blown its own brains out made quite a mess though let me tell you


It works takes a while tho.

Works great!!!

Idk why so many people are complaining but I had a big flying around my face for the past 2 hours and I turned this thing on and I haven't seen it every since.

Who cares

Try don't just no to every thing who cares what people care try and think about it if u don't like it 👎u can delete it 👍

Dose not work!!!!

I turned on the app right next to a bug and it just sat there like :P ok I don't give a S#%^

Works great!!!!!:)

It works i haven't had Mosquitos come near me. DOWNLOAD IT

I don't know

I cant stand people saying how bad it is because people have there own a pinyin and if u don't know then get it and try it out and if u dont like it u can always delete it 😃


Seem more like it pulled in every bug from a mile around!!!

Don t waste time

Don't waste time downloading this

answer to pee-wee-herman

who knows how it works now pull up your pants and stick with it

Somebody please answer

What. How does it work

It does not work do not waste your time on this app

It did not do a thing when I used it. Do not waste your time downloading this app. This is the worst app I ever seen.


How long does the zapper run when activated? Does the app also include spiders? What is the difference between the free app and the pay app?

Dumb for me

Since I have a first gen iPod without speakers I have to plug head phones in to hear the noise and it wouldn't be loud enough for mosquitos to hear which makes this pointless for me, and id go death listening to it. Probably repels ppl not bugs :) I dont know if it would work for iPods with speakers thouh

Good but Not Perfect

It worked great, but there was still a couple bugs, overall i'm happy tho! It's free!!!


I laughed when I saw people think it's a joke app. High pitch sounds do bother animals- including bugs.


This app does not work.

This app is awesome!

I just went outside and not a mosquito in sight. Amazing! Great app!


It's nor great great but it's the best app for it P.S. I totally agree with  dude(or whatever his/her name is)

A no

Doesn't work on gnats or mosquitos

So so

Works only with certain bugs

No wonder it's free

It attracks more than makes them go away I holded it right next to a mosquito and nothing happened

Joke (duh)

This is clearly a joke app... it works for that!

I'm being eaten up by bugs

this app does not work

Dogwhistle works better

I have a dog whistle on my phone that you can change it's frequency and i tried that it worked better than this dumb bugzap thing


It only works with some insects

Seems to work

The gnats were bad today. I remembered seeing this app and figured I'd give it a try. In a matter of minutes most of the gnats were gone. I was pretty well surprised. Does not seem to help keep them clear much beyond your own personal space.


If you place your phones speaker to your ear and listen really carefully you can hear something 

Dubious at best

Where is the scientific proof that this works? I had it running next to my arm for a few minutes, then a mosquito came and landed on said arm about to drill... They're hardly running away from the sound...

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